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Born and raised on Boon Wurrung country (Phillip Island & St Kilda), Tyeli is a First-Nations filmmaker based in Naarm/Melbourne. With a background in

graphic design, painting and creative writing, he uses his previously acquired skill-sets to enhance his work as a write/director. Recently graduating from a Master

of Film & Television at the Victorian College of the Arts, he is an emerging filmmaker with a love for telling stories. His goal is to create highly immersive films and television shows that explore the uncomfortable complexities in life. Stories that take you out of this world, in order to give you a different understanding of it.

Along with writing and directing, Tyeli has a passion for graphic design. He uses

his design skills to work in film branding and marketing, designing posters, title

art and electronic press kits for both his own work and that of others.

Coming from a proud Aboriginal storytelling culture, he believes film &

television is a modern evolution of the ancient tradition of telling stories

around a campfire. Most importantly for Tyeli, filmmaking has made good

use of a lifetime he has spent daydreaming.

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